Interview : “We Need To Encourage The Cameroon Film Industry”

Alexx Ekubo, Nigerian Film Actor.

You are in Cameroon for the 8th edition of CAMIFF. What are your impressions about the entire event?
I feel great. Cameroon is like home to me. I love the people, the culture, fashion, food and what have you. Eru is one of my favorite meals in the world. CAMIFF is an amazing platform that encourages young talent and being a part of its 8th edition, it was exciting to see the number of young talents to develop and explore in the film industry in Cameroon. Every moment in CAMIFF was special. I really enjoyed the acting master classes and the business of film-making workshops. I got to interact and share my experience and it was so beautiful. Other than that, every event was a heat. The cultural night was excellent and I enjoyed being dressed in a Cameroonian traditional attire; toghu. It was a beautiful experience. 

Apart from film activities, you were amazed by Cameroonian dishes such as eru. You even intend to start a food show for Netflix. Can you tell us more about it? 
It is so beautiful to go around Africa and see that there is so much to eat and explore. We need to let people know about the beauty of our culture. We Africans should highlight our strength and not only being online to fight over football or who is more superior than the other. We should share our similarities to the world.


It is not your first time in Cameroon. You have acted in movies alongside some Cameroonian actors like Nchifor Valery and Syndy Emade. What is your appreciation of the Cameroon film industry?
The Cameroon film industry is full of potentials, if the sector gets the much needed support. Anywhere in the world, the difference between those that are doing it and those that want to do it are the opportunities available. There are a lot of acting talents in Cameroon.  Just give them the right opportunity like CAMIFF for instance. We have gone around having meetings with people like the Prime Minister, Head of Government of Cameroon, the Governor of the South West Region and some Ambassadors in Cameroon. This is what CAMIFF has being doing for the past eight years. We need more support. People should get involved, and we need to elevate and encourage the Cameroon film industry.  There is a lot of talent here and I...



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