Commentary : Decisive!

Thirty years after the first post-apartheid election, supporters of the ruling Africa National Congress (ANC), are at crossroads. The journey apart from being stunted, has seen the departure of several bigwigs. While some left because they think the party is gradually diverting from its ideologies, others in quest of political visibility, a great number were forced out after being accused of corruption. Whether justified or not, the party’s strength and popularity has dwindled. At least three prominent parties that have sprouted from the ANC are now threatening to sap the Parliamentary majority the party has been enjoying. To go by recent political, economic and social developments in the country, today’s election stands out to be the most important since the 1994 contest that vanquished apartheid and brought Nelson Mandela to power. 
It would be the seventh general elections held in South Africa since the end of white minority rule. According to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), 27.79 million people have registered to vote. The number is the highest ever in a South African election. The election has the potential to shape not only the political landscape of South Africa, but also the country’s future economic and social policies. The ANC’s loss of the majority could lead to the formation of new coalitions and a re-evaluation of policies in the country. In this context, the May 29, 2024 election stand out as an important turning point in the political history of South Africa. It is likely to be an important touchstone that will determine the future of South Africa and affect the political and economic stability in the country. Although most polls show the ANC’s support around 40%, recent polls indicate that the party’s support rate is increasing. If the ANC wins a majority, it is likely that the current President, Cyril Ramaphosa, will continue in office. This scenario is very important in terms of maintaining the stability of...



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