50 ans dans CT : When Africa Converged On Yaounde

Convened by Cameroon’s Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, the Africa 21 Summit in Yaounde in May 2010 was built to proffer a roadmap for the continent’s wholesome development.

It was envisioned by President Paul Biya. For African experts - and colleagues from other parts of the globe - to converge in Yaounde in May 2010. To proffer solutions to the continent’s myriad development challenges. Expectedly, it was a gathering of “who is who” in each domain of human endeavour. And the timing? Africa 21 Summit was also convened to coincide with local agenda - the golden jubilees of Cameron’s independence and reunification. At the end, participants came up with The Yaounde Declaration. Or better put, a blueprint for the way out for Africa’s relative underdevelopment. Meticulously addressed in an encompassing multi-sectoral manner, The Yaounde Declaration was no doubt a milestone in Africa’s development efforts. Some 14 years on, won’t it be judicious to take another look at the document? To see how far we have gone with implementing the recommendations?  
Entitled “Africa 21 Summit: Making The Yaounde Conference Deliver,” the commentary published in Cameroon Tribune of May 18, 2010 by Nkendem Forbinake, sought to achieve one thing. To stress the “obligation” to move beyond attention-catching public declarations. To the real thing - implementing them. As this has been the bane of Africa - and by large - Camero...



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