Presidential Couple At Vatican City Today

After a rich and fruitful agenda that spanned through all aspects of Italian life, President Paul Biya and First Lady Chantal Biya will be in the Holy See today.

Relations between Cameroon and The Vatican City will be revisited today as President Paul Biya and First Lady Chantal Biya arrive at the Holy See. It will be a fitting mix in a busy and rich agenda by the Presidential Couple whose stay in Italy is beating all records of variety, diversity and the pursuit of positive goals for a prosperous, stable and progressive Cameroon. President Paul Biya’s State visit to Italy goes down in the annals of history as most fruitful, all encompassing and dense. It touched on the political, economic, cultural and religious. The political stretch took the Head of State thrice to the Presidency of Italy: the welcome ceremony, the State dinner and the farewell ceremony. It did not end there, for a Statesman of the height of the President Paul Biya knows too well that, the power base of an ancient time tested democratic culture in the ilk of Italy has a level spread. He therefore visited the City Council, for the tribute to the Unknown Soldier, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Senate and the National Assembly. The President’s broad and masterly knowledge of Republican civilisation told to positive effect and fetched respect, honour and acclaim for Cameroon and its leader. It was now time to trade the applause from the political spectrum for economic fallouts. The economic Forum yesterday was a calculated strategy to reap the heavy dose of political goodwill acquired from the State visit for the benefit of Cameroon’s economic development. President Paul Biya arrived at the Confindustria on schedule yesterday morning to be welcomed by its President, Boccia Vincenzo. After a brief audience, he was accompanied into the hall to meet waiting entrepreneurs from Cameroon and Italy. After an introduction speech, the vice-President of the Confindustria, Licia Mattioli gave the floor to Italian entrepreneurs for brief introduction of their structures. Then came the time for President Paul Biya to address the two business delegations. It was a veritable exercise in corporate communication, with the President talking straight to his audience without a written speech. Once more, President Paul Biya emerged with sterling results as each utterance was greeted with applause. Cameroon is stable, peaceful and has appropriate structures to fight corruption, he said. The President called on Italian companies to come to Cameroon and build strong partnerships. Cameroon’s stability remains a major attraction for it is « rare to find a government that stays in place for more than thirty years », the President added. The quality and quantity of applause principally from the Italian entrepreneurs was an indication that Cameroon, as a marketable commodity, has the best spokesperson in President Paul Biya.
After politics and economics, the Presidential Couple are once more visiting The Vatican. The Vatican is an independent State located inside the city of Rome, capital of Italy. The Holy See which represents the world government of the Roman Catholic Church is an entity with a well defined political and diplomatic role and influence. Due to his function and position on major international issues, the Pope is a veritable moral authority. The Holy See has a permanent observer State status at the United Nations.



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