Limbe: Fako 1 Reaffirms Faith

Militants used the anniversary feast in Limbe to call for school resumption and to announce Limbe Festac next month


The 32 years of the party in power, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), were counted at the Limbe seashore esplanade last 24 March.  Speaker after speaker took the stage, in glowing rhetoric, to rename the achievements recorded in Fako Division since Bamenda 1985. Political, economic and social stages of progress were enumerated to rekindle zeal in the militants.
Politically, the fact that all three Councils of Fako’s capital city, Limbe, are under the grip of the CPDM party was recapped as a major show of the party’s vigour and majority in the area. For that reason, the Fako 1 CPDM Section President, Andrew Motanga Monjimba, urged the majority militants to send their children to school against the current wave of ghost schools in Anglophone Cameroon. Motanga voiced that “I am afraid; we have allowed ourselves to be led by the nose in this issue of ghost schools and towns forsaking the future of innocent children.”  He announced the coming of Limbe FESTAC 2017 next month calling for a lively participation. 
Economically, they cited some Limbe-based facilities like the Nautical and Fisheries School, the Vocational Training Centre, the Handicraft Centre and the Ports Authority. Hundreds turned out  for the occasion including  dignitaries such  as the South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, the MP for Fako East, Honourable Gladys Etombi, SONARA’s General Manager, Ibrahim Thalba Malla, Senator Matute.



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