Yaounde: Four Killed In Weekend Accidents

Two of them died after a lorry crashed into the Eldorado Nkomo compound of late footballer, Marc Vivien Foe.


Four people were killed on Saturday August 26, 2016, in Yaounde in two road accidents. The first occurred in the Odza neighbourhood just below the Total Filling Station at Borne 10. According to Staff Sergeant Gbaman Antoine of the Odza Gendarmerie Post, the accident happened at 1.15 pm as a Toyota pick-up van with Chassis Number 02 29 36 was transporting a corpse from Yaounde to Mbalmayo.

An electrician, Ombga Essomba, born in 1989 and his in-law, Baba Zacharie, 30, were coming from Borne 12 to Odza when their bike lost control and hit a Honda Sonata jeep with registration number LT 743 GN driven by Pfouma Mana épouse Bakinde Blandine, a senior bank staff. This sent the bike crashing on the right front side of the pick-up. Ombga Essomba died on the spot, while Baba Zacharie passed on 15 minutes after in hospital, Gbaman Antoine said. The corpses were kept in the Yaounde Military Hospital Morgue at Ekounou, while Pfouma Mana epouse Bakinde Blandine and the driver of the Toyota pick-up van, Onana Fabrice, were detained for questioning.

The accident in Eldorado Nkomo occurred in the home of Marc Vivien Foe, the late Indomitable Lions football player. Florine Tatiana Ngo Bii, the younger sister to late Foe’s wife, said a truck with registration number LT SR 419 AK transporting a loaded shipping container from Yaounde to the East Region crashed onto the perimeter wall of the compound just by the watchman’s guard post. Falling debris smashed a car and motorbike parked in a neighbouring compound. Two friends walking on the pavement were crushed in the crumbling wall. They were Talla Engelbert, born in 1971 and Kogne Darius, reportedly a worker in brewery depot in Mimboman, Yaounde.

Chief Inspector of Police Mbele Adah Jonas of the Centre Regional Highway Traffic Group, said the accident occurred at 2 pm. The driver who fled and later took refuge at the Nkoabang Police Station was handed over to Commissioner Adamou Baba, head of the Centre Regional Highway Traffic Group for questioning. Mbele Adah suggested that the truck might have developed a problem with its breaks or steering, obliging the driver to crash it on the nearby perimeter wall instead of knocking down more people and crushing vehicles on the road.




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