Kupe Muanenguba III: Celebrations In Pomp In Tombel

 The Section President called on President Biya to remain their natural candidate in 2018 presidential


Militants of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement CPDM Kupe Muanenguba III section, Tombel celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the party with a call for all to rally behind President Paul Biya to consolidate unity, national integration and social peace. The call was made by the Kupe Muanenguba III Section President, Comrade Samuel Mesape, who also appealed to militants to register massively into the electoral register in order to ensure an impressive victory for the party at the polls come 2018 elections.
While appreciating the National Chairman in acknowledging the existing problems faced by Anglophone Cameroonians and his option for dialogue, he  for him to be appealed tolerant, merciful, and forgive all those arrested and detained by releasing them unconditionally.
He thanked the Head of State for his vision to create a national commission for the promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism and appointment of its members headed by His Excellency Peter Mafany Musonge. Samuel Mesape called on comrade Paul Biya to remain their natural candidate come 2018 presidential and promised a hundred percent vote from Kupe Muanenguba III Section.
On his part, the CPDM Central Committee Delegation representative, Mbong Micheal, told militants of the CPDM that the party stands for unity, peace and national integration reasons why he advised them to exercise tolerance, refrain from acts of violence, intimidation and destruction by burning schools and individual properties as some unscrupulous people are doing in some part of the Region.



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