Interception of American Trucks: Government Offers Clarifications

Here under is a press release from the Minister of Communication

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«On the evening of Saturday, March 27, 2017, thirteen commercial trucks hired by the US Government, from Ndjamena to Garoua, transiting through the border town of Kousseri, were detained by the Cameroonian Customs assisted by our Security Forces, for a routine check.

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The Senior Divisional Officer of the Logone and Chari Division set up a commission to take stock of the transported materials.

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In accordance with the sovereignty regulations governing our country and in accordance with the rules and procedures in force, the American authorities volunteered to be checked during this operation and perfectly cooperated to ensure that it is conducted in the best conditions of transparency and serenity.

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On-the-spot investigations revealed that no weapons or ammunition were found in the containers which were generally made up of items as follows:

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- Bedding items;

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- Toilet stalls;

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- Food kits and tin cans of preserved food;

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- Electrical cables and accessories;

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- Air conditioning equipment and materials.

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For the moment, the convoy is still stationed at Kousseri, awaiting the completion of the formalities undertaken by the Embassy of the United States of America accredited in Cameroon.

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Contrary to some rumors which unfortunately circulated in recent days, the loading of this convoy consisted only of various items.

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The Government of the Republic of Cameroon lauds the valuable support provided by the United States of America in its fight against the Boko Haram terrorist group in particular and against terrorism and violent extremism in general.

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