Fenassco ‘A’ Games: Centre Bounces To Top Position

 They have dethroned the West from the top seat and are currently leading with 18 medals


As earlier predicted the Centre Region is on the path of winning an umpteenth title this year as they have now dethroned the West region from the top seat and are presently leading the medal count with a total of 18 medals; nine in gold, six silver and three bronze. Meanwhile, the West region that took an early lead in the competition has been relegated to the second position with a total of 14 medals to their credit; six in gold, three silver and five bronze. Though the North Region has more medals than the West, the North is one place behind in the fourth position having won fewer gold medals than the West. The North has a total of 15 medals; five in gold, three silver and seven bronze. The Adamawa, Littoral, East, North West, South West and South regions appear in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th positions respectively after having obtained at least a gold medal each.
The medals were won in the gymnastics and table tennis events which were dominated by athletes from the Centre Region. For instance, the Centre won in all the categories in gymnastics be it in the individual or team competitions with Teneku Moira emerging as the revelation of the games. Moira, who happens to be the youngest athlete in the games, won gold in artistic gymnastics in the individual and team categories. Her performance was so outstanding that she was awarded the gold medal for the best hope in feminine gymnastics amidst a thunder of applause from the public. The Centre also distinguished itself in the table tennis competition winning two gold medals, one silver and one bronze in the discipline.
It is worthy to note that some lapses have been observed in the organization of the games this year. For instance two athletes collapsed during the basketball competition and there was no First Aid or ambulance to attend to them. They had to be attended to by their team mates with little or no notion on first aid before the athletes were evacuated to hospital in bus pertaining to the official sponsor of the event. The ambulance only arrived after the children had been taken to hospital. As concerns feeding, the children complain about the quality of the food which has caused dysentery for seven athletes from the East Region. There is increasing public interest in the games as crowds turn out to cheer the athletes despite the call for boycott by a certain shade of opinion.




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