Public Appreciates Local Coffee

The esplanade of “Immeuble Rose” Ministerial Complex in Yaounde hosted the “Coffee Tasting Day” organised by the Coffee and Cocoa Interprofessional Council yesterday.

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Cameroonians who turned out at the esplanade of “Immeuble Rose” ministerial complex down town Yaounde yesterday, August 31, 2016 say coffee made in Cameroon can face international competition owing to its virtues and taste. Elie Ngoundjou was one among those who picked packets of Cameroonian coffee for home consumption. He said he was a fan of Cameroonian coffee and an advocate of "consume what you produce."

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Preaching by example is his concept. Germaine Kouassi came to the coffee-tasting fair to purchase enough quantity for friends in London. "The feedback we received from consumers is positive," he said, justifying the choice for the locally-made beverage. Meanwhile, many others contented with tasting the “Yoan”, “Ngako Constant”, “UCCAO” and “La Maison de Café” brands of coffee from productions areas in Nkongsamba and Foumban in the Littoral and West Regions respectively on exhibition.

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The Coffee Tasting Day is an initiative of the Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Council, CICC. It strives to promote production and processing know-how and the coffee value chain. It also encourages the ingenuity of producers and showcases the virtues of coffee which range from stimulating the system to preventing illnesses.

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