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“Abashed”: Not Husband Enough!

The film reveals the story of an unfortunate girl, called Brenda (Solantin Egbe).

Shoot in Bamenda, the film “Abashed”, by a Cameroonian film producer and director, Rolnad Seehofer, gives an in-depth into the type of men and marriages most women undergo in the society today. The producer says “men need to be educated to be men indeed and not only in bed”.
Many may think that 20 minutes are too short to reveal the tale behind an irresponsible husband. But Rolnad Seehofor says otherwise in the film “Abashed”. The film is a tale about an abandoned girl called “Brenda”, who was brought up in an orphanage but later adopted by a rich couple. But the unforeseen took away both parents from Brenda. As a result, she later gets married to a medical doctor (Macdonald Libota). But the marriage did not last because of another predicament that befalls her due to her husband’s attitude. Due to marital stress, Brenda is rushed to hospital but passes away during child birth. Seehofer says he was inspired to write the film at this time because of what happened to his close friend and for such not to happen to another woman in Cameroon and beyond. “I decided to put the story on motion pictures so as to educate someone in the society”, the producer stressed. The producer says impregnating a lady is just something of a second but being the father and raising a child is another thing.
Through the film Seehofer questions, “Does it really matter who impregnates? Or the situation in which it happened? According to him, many who call themselves men are still boys and need to develop and get out of their myopic mindset and become fathers, the progenitors, the source for the betterment of a powerful society and nation. “If a home is not in order, there is no family and with the absence of the family, we got no community and so no nation”, the producer notes. The film starring talented Cameroonian actress and actors will be premiered next month.



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