Athletics “Grand Prix Bronze”: Cameroon Grabs Five Gold Medals

Auriol Dongmo Mekemnang won the trophy for the best female athlete after throwing a distance of 18.1m in the shot put event

The first edition of the athletics competition called “Grand Prix Bronze” took place in Yaounde on Sunday June 11, 2017.
Organised by the Cameroon Athletics Federation in collaboration with the African Athletics Confederation (CAA), the competition brought together athletes from Nigeria, Congo, Chad, Senegal, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia and Cameroon. The athletes competed in six disciplines in the track and field events notably 100m, 200m, 800m and 1,500m, long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put and javelin throw.
The Yaounde meeting was an opportunity for the athletes to prepare for the upcoming Francophonie Games in Cote d’Ivoire. At the end of the competition, Cameroon bagged home four gold medals. In the women’s 100m track event Nigeria’s Omokwe Maria Thompson finished first in 11.60. In the 200m race Omoko Maria Thompson was again the first in 23”26. In the men’s 100m final Jean Francis Batambock was the first in 10”66. In the 200m Arowolo Olawunmi Emmanuel was first in 20”84. In the women’s 400m race Cameroon’s Mafogang Tenkeu Adele was the first in 56”.32. In the women’s 800m race Nguetsa Liliane from Cameroon finished first in 2’.06”.58.
In the men’s 400m race Mahamat Bachir from Chad was the first in 46”.70. In the men’s 1,500m Hamadjam Soudi from Cameroon was the first in 3’.51’26. In the men’s high jump, Oyono Oyono Freddy of Cameroon won gold with a jump of 2m10. In long jump Côte d’Ivoire’s Konan Thierry was first jumping a distance of 7m53. In the women’s triple jump, Cameroon’s Mbumi Joëlle Sandrine was first as she jumped a distance of 12m48. In long jump Sandrine Mboumi equally won gold after jumping a distance of 6m00. In the ladies javelin throw Dongmo Auriol threw a distance of 18.01. In the men’s javelin throw Nigeria’s Samuel Adams won gold after throwing a distance of 70m77.
The Secretary General of the Cameroon Athletics Federation, Charles Kouoh Koteh, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the athletes. He wished the federation will be able to organise such competitions in future. The Grand Prix Bronze is a one-day competition accorded to countries that have mastery in the organisation of major international events. These include the “Grand Prix Argent” and the “Grand Prix Or”. Cameroon will equally organise the Central Africa Athletics Championship in July.


A la volée


Auriol Dongmo: «J’ai eu juste un jour de repos»

Médaillée d’or lancer du poids

« Vu tous les voyages que j’ai eu à faire, je pensais que je serais trop fatiguée, mais j’ai pu m’en sortir. J’ai juste eu un jour de repos à mon retour du Brésil. En Côte d’Ivoire, ce sera encore mieux parce que je vais rentrer et me préparer davantage pour mieux attaquer la compétition. Je pense que pour les meetings qui arrivent, mes performances seront encore meilleures. »

Mahamat Bachir: “The Victory Is Important For Me”

Winner 400m, Chad

“The victory is important for me. We are proud of the federation for having put in place this type of competition. It is part of the big competitions of the IAAF. Since it is in the beginning I hope it continues. I am happy to represent my country in this competition. My success in this competition is thanks to Cameroon because it is Cameroon that is training me. I am preparing for the Francophonie Games and the World Championship.” 

 Hamadjam Soudi: “I Intend To Qualify For The Francophonie Games

Winner, 1500m, Cameroon

“The Ramadan fasting has an effect on us. Because of that we cannot give our best but what is important is to win. I am in Nigeria, I train there and I participate in competitions in Nigeria for the past five years. I decided to come back home and compete with my brothers. We are capable of competing with big countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, athletes that do long distance races. I intend to qualify for the Francophone Games.”


Jean Tarcicius Batambock: “I Am Satisfied”

Winner 100m Cameroon

“I am satisfied with my performance because I just recovered from an injury. I want to use this opportunity to thank my coach who did everything possible for me to attain this level. The 10’ 66 performance is not a good one for me because in previous meetings I have done better. I believe it was the climate which was not good and the adversaries which were not good enough to push me to break my personal best record of 10”02.” 


 Mafogang Tenkeu Adèle: “I Am Proud”

Winner 400m, Cameroon

“After this competition I am feeling very happy. I was not expecting to win. As we were told that foreigners will participate in the competition I was frightened but at the end I told myself that I could make it and I made it. I am proud. My strength is just having a high moral and confidence in myself. My wish is to qualify for the upcoming Francophonie Games.”


 Maria Thompson Omokwe: “I Feel Good”

Winner 200m, Nigeria

“I feel good although I never thought that this time will come but I thank God for the time and I thank God for my training and everything. My secret is strength, weight. If you eat well you train well you will expect better. So I do train well and I leave it with the Lord.”



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