National Comission For Medical Training : 2017 Examination Dates Slated

This was during the fifth Session of the National Commission for Medical, Pharmaceutical and Odontostomatological  Training in Cameroon

On Friday, 9th June 2017, the National Commission for Medical, Pharmaceutical and Odontostornatoloqical Training in Cameroon held its fifth session in the conference room (1036) of the Ministry of Higher Education, presided over by its chairman, the Minister of Higher Education. At the end of heated, frank and constructive discussions relating to the items on the agenda, the following resolutions were adopted:
Preparations for the 2017 session of the national examinations
The 2017 medical training examinations shall take place on the following dates: Friday 8th September 2017: the National clinical and therapeutic Examinations-Friday 22nd September 2017-National Entrance examination into Medical training and National entrance examination into fourth year. Friday, 13th October 2017-National specialisation examination  and National internship examination. In an effort to maximise the chances of all candidates of the two sub systems of education (anglophone and francophone), participants recommended the following: Make sure that the specificities of the GCE Advanced Level and Baccalaureate profiles are taken into consideration; Make sure that open questions are set in addition to multiple choice questions; Make sure that the quality of translated questions in the two official languages is ameliorated.
The situation of the draft text on internship
 With the objective of providing a judicial framework for interns of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Yaounde I, members recommended that the Ministers of Higher Education and Public Health, take conservatory measures by signing a joint Order bearing on the organisation and functioning of the internship cycle, while waiting for the draft decree.
The eligibility of candidates, holders of baccalaureate F7 and F8
Participants agreed upon the putting in place of an Ad hoc Commission in charge of examining the training programs of the certificates concerned. Concrete proposals shall be submitted to the Commission on the eligibility of holders of these certificates to take part in the national medical competitive entrance examinations.
The training of pharmacists in The university of Dschang
After haven unanimously noted the deficiencies in the training of pharmacists in the University of Dschang, an ad hoc commission was equally put in place to make proposals on how the capacity of these graduates can be upgraded.
The opening of an emergency master's program at the emergency centre in Yaounde
The commission consensually recognised that the Emergency Centre in Yaounde is not legally habilitated to train medical doctors.
The opening of a master's program in laparoscopic surgery in The university of Douala
In order to meet the needs expressed by health professionals, participants recommended that the University of Douala mutualises its human, material and infrastructural resources with the University of Yaounde 1 which already has the expertise in this domain. The Rectors of these Universities were given the mandate to submit a draft text to the Minister of Higher Education on the creation of a University entitlement in this speciality.
The social climate in accredited medical training establishments
After the presentations by the three private institutes c6ncerned, the commission i vited them to continue in the way of dialogue and consultation so that academic ctivities within their institutions take place in a serene and peaceful atmosphere.



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