Probatoire General 2017: Results Better Than Last Year

Brenda YUFEH NCHEWNANG-NGASSA | 01-08-2017 22:47

Statistics from the examination board indicate an improvement in the global results as compared to last year.

Figures from the Cameroon Baccalaureat Board, Directorate of Examination show an improvement in the national results of the Probatoire de L’Enseignement Secondaire General, this year. The national pass rate stands at 37.77 per cent as compared to last year which was 33.99 per cent. Amongst the 177,362 candidates who wrote the examination, 66,986 were declared successful as compared to 61,045 in 2016. Thus some 5,941 more candidates passed the Probatoire General examination this year.  

Just like last year, the South West Region registered the best results with a percentage pass of 47.03 although a drop when compared to last’s result which stood at 47.55 per cent. Statistics also indicate that the North West Region comes second on the list with a pass rate of 45. 10 per cent. The Centre Region is the third best region with a 41.67 percentage success rate. This is followed by the West and Littoral Regions with 41.67 and 41.55 per cent respectively. The Far North Region has the poorest pass rate in the Probatoire General examination this year just like last year. But results in the Far North Region have however improved from 22.41 per cent last year to 26.08 per cent this year. The North Region occupies the 9th position on the results table amongst the 10 regions.

It is also worth mentioning that the Centre Region witnessed a remarkable improvement in its performance and moved from the 5th position last year to the 3rd position this year. Meanwhile, the Littoral Region dropped from its third position last year to the 5th position. The West Region maintained its 4th position as compared to last year while the East Region dropped from its 6th position last year to the 8th position this year. It should be recalled that Probatoire General 2017 session registered 181,589 candidates as against 182,640 in 2016. Such is an absolute reduction of 1,051 candidates.

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