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North West: Basic Education Minister Inspires Hard Work

Choves LOH | 05-09-2017 09:42

Minister Youssouf Hadidja Alim launched the academic year in the Bameanda neighbourhood of GMI primary school on September 4, 2017


The times are different and with it, the 2017/2018 academic year inspires courage for hitch-free teaching and learning especially in the North West and South West regions.  It is against this backdrop that Basic Education Minister, Youssouf Hadidja Alim officially launched the academic year at the GMI School Complex in Bamenda on September 4, 2017 after sizing up teaching and learning in some schools visited. It was a moment for the Minister to encourage pupils and teachers she met in some schools, poised to give education a chance in difficult situations.
The circumstances are indeed, special in the region with continuous threats by proponents of schools boycott. That is why Minister Youssouf Hadidja Alim travelled with a huge consignment of didactic materials to encourage the administration and pupils of schools to conquer fear and take quality education forward. She featured a contingency plan for pupils to catch up all that was lost in 2016/2017 with teaching and learning to run from 7.30am-3:30pm daily. She revealed that classes on Saturdays will help matters in catch up lessons and stated the government’s preparedness to enhance quality education. The event inspired all stakeholders in the education community to demonstrate bravery and push for education  in the region and the nation.
She revisited actions by the government to handle concerns raised by protesting teacher trade Unions and the creation of the National Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, indicative of President Paul Biya’s listening ear in the face of the socio-economic crisis rocking the Anglophone regions of the North West and South West. Minister Youssouf Hadidja Alim inspired parents and teachers to give children the opportunity to exercise their right to education.
She wished stakeholders well in the 2017/2018 academic year while the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Ndumu Nji Vincent hailed President Biya for appeasement efforts with the recent decision to discontinue proceedings against leaders arrested during the Anglophone crisis. He prayed the population to give prosperity a chance by disrespecting ghost town calls which are strangulating the economy and making it difficult for parents to support the health and education of their children.

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