Financing Projects: Cameroon-Côte d’Ivoire Share Notes

Victorine BIY NFOR | 06-10-2016 18:00

A delegation from the Technical Secretariat of the Loan Fund for Local Communities in Côte d’Ivoire was at the Special Support Council Fund for Mutual Assistance on October 3, 2016.


After Burundi, Chad and Senegal, here comes Côte d’Ivoire. The Special Support Council Fund for Mutual Assistance was October 3, 2016, host to a delegation of five members of the Technical Secretariat of the Loan Fund for Local Communities in Côte d’Ivoire. Experience-sharing on funding local projects was on the agenda, with experts from both countries sharing notes on how best councils can receive financing for local development projects.

The Director of Projects, Special Adviser to the General Manager of Local Development and Decentralisation in the Ministry of Interior and Security, leader of the delegation, Raphael Gbala Bnato, said their coming to Cameroon was within ongoing reforms to scale up development as contained in the Loan Fund for Local Communities. The delegation was amazed at how local taxes are collected and managed in Cameroon. The products put at the disposal of local councils in terms of borrowing were also inspirational, with Raphael Gbala Bnato stating that preparations for the next generation of local development projects was going to receive a boast from FEICOM’s experience. “We are satisfied. FEICOM is a veritable development structure and we are ready for south-south cooperation. We have learnt lessons from other countries, but the experience of Cameroon is perculier. It was an important choice for us,” he pointed out.

African countries face similar development challenges with government devising strategies to redress the situation. The Technical Secretariat of the Loan Fund for Local Communities in Côte D’Ivoire operates like FEICOM, with Philippe Camille Akoa, General Manager, saying that each case is particular, though with same objectives.


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