Douala: 360 Cylinders Of Cooking Gas Sold Daily By Trade Delegation

Christopher JATOR | 06-10-2016 18:38

Supply is still timid in Douala as many households are without the product.


“Sales points across the city vary from day to day, but we have established the Regional Delegation of Trade in Akwa as a permanent site for the sale of SCTM cooking gas.” Simon Belinga Omgba, Littoral Delegate of Trade, told Cameroon Tribune September 29 in the wake of the product’s persistent scarcity.

He further disclosed that since the scarcity started about a month ago, some 360 cylinders of 12 kg each are sold daily at the Regional Delegation, excepting quantities sold in other areas of the city. Immediately there is a consignment of the product, hordes of consumers are on hand to pay the harmonised 6,000 FCFA for a cylinder of 12 kg. Gabrielle T, who waited since 10 am to make the purchase only succeeded at 2 pm when some deliveries were made in Akwa last Thursday: “In the past three weeks, I have made several attempts to secure gas to no avail. Even though I was present each time the product arrived, it often got finished before it got to my turn.”

Meanwhile, the authorities are looking for a solution to the problem. Firm instructions have been issued to ensure that SCTM reimburses the 4 billion FCFA it owes Tradex, which has become the bane of the scarcity. There is enough gas in the country, but Tradex can no longer continue to supply SCTM, which owns about 70 per cent of the market shares. The Minister of Trade, mediator in the matter, is determined to ensure stable supply and distribution of cooking gas. Consumers are therefore urged to acquire various cylinders in order to beat scarcity in any of the distribution companies.


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