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Determinant Term Indeed!

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Godlove Bainkong | 09-01-2018 07:58

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Stakeholders need to brave several odds to right wrongs and better prepare for end-of-year or course examinations.

Schools have effectively flung their doors open for the second term of the 2017/2018 academic year pregnant with a lot of challenges for teachers, students and pupils. How well the current school year will end will be determined by the comportment of stakeholders in the justbegun term.

Given that a school year has three terms, the second undeniably serves as an opportunity to evaluate the preparedness of learners either to cross to the next class or graduate out of the school. It is during the second term that students and pupils who did not perform well in the first term strive to right their wrongs so as to live up to the challenging tasks of end-of-year or end-of-course exams.

It is also during the second term that teachers redouble their efforts to cover, as much as possible, their programmes in order to give enough time for revision ahead of official exams. Failure in any of these domains may compromise highly-sought excellence. As daunting as the challenge looks, conditions are not favourable if extra efforts are not employed. Coming back from end-of-year festivities; teachers, students and pupils may still be in the euphoria.

They absolutely need to be brought to quickly turn a new page from the merriments and concentrate on studies which cannot wait whatsoever. It is equally the only term of the school year that holds entirely in the dry season with all its adversity. Airborne diseases abound and even those who are fortunate not to be hit by one or two of them still have to grapple with the harsh climatic conditions that leave almost everyone restless.

Walking to school or home from school under the hot sun and on dusty roads for some may not be favourable for effective learning. But students and pupils must stretch full length not only to learn but equally to revise at home.

What they can learn now cannot be postponed to the next term. Each school, likewise teachers, have teaching programmes and the earlier it finishes, the better. Procrastination, they say, is the thief of time. And the time to learn and well too, is now. It is indeed a catch-up school period if brilliance must be attained at term. As if these are not enough, the youth week comes up in the heart of the ongoing term. Distractions will be aplenty.

There is therefore need for general consciousness to work harder before, during and after the commemorative activities so as to comfortably strike a balance between patriotically living up to the expectations of the youth week and excelling academically. Failure will not be justified as none of the term’s activities are a novelty.

Given the fact that the third and last term will barely run for one month before end-of-course examinations rumble off and coupled with the fact that it will be characterised by multiple public holidays, no ideal time is left for school authorities to live up to expectation than now.

It is therefore a determinant term and all and sundry absolutely need to brave the multiple odds to right first term’s wrongs and better prepare for end-of-year and course examinations.

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