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Environmental Protection: Gov’t Unveils Ambitious 2018 Plan

MBOM Sixtus | 17-01-2018 09:23

The road map targets eradication of threats to environment, natural resources and ecosystems. 

The Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development has made public its action plan for the 2018 financial year. The plan was divulged by Minister Hele Pierre during a ceremony organised to present him best wishes for 2018.

The ceremony took place in Yaounde on January 16. In a keynote address he outlined sustainable development issues, biodiversity, climate change, pollution and desertification as some of the problems the 2018 plan is expected to attempt to resolve, noting that all actions of the Ministry should align with the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper for economic development.

Minister Hele told his staff and guests that the 2018 budget of the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development (FCFA 8.042 billion) will be spent on the fight against desertification and climate change, sustainable management of biodiversity, fight against pollution and detrimental chemical substances.

He pointed out that this would be done through the kick-start of the implementation of the national sustainable development strategy and continuation of the REDD+ and National Determined Contribution process within the framework of COP21 agreement, among others. He also noted that a national materials and waste exchange market for buying and selling reusable and recyclable commodities will be launched this year to boost the national economy.

He emphasized the priority of activities of the ministry which is to contribute to the wellbeing of citizens will be maintained, and called for serenity and efficiency in all administrative and operational filed work. The Secretary General of the Ministry, Prudence Galegha presented the ministry’s 2017 balance sheet which Minister Hele said was satisfactory .

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