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Demand-Supply Gap Remains Wide

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LUKONG Pius NYUYLIME | 17-01-2018 09:52

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Whereas many neighbourhoods live without potable water, those with water complain of unexplained hikes in bills.

Many, if not, all the major cities and rural communities in Cameroon continue to live without sufficient potable water supply. Projects announced are executed at snail pace as the population growth goes exponential. In Yaounde, the capital city, inhabitants are into double trouble.

Those in new quarters for instance survive on well water and some on running water, all of very doubtful quality. Those in old neighbourhoods that were chanced to have water in the days past, are complaining of high bills which are incommensurate to consumption.

In this light therefore the new quarters that have emerged continue to languish in abject thirst of pipe borne water while supply from the main sources at Akomnyada treatment station stagnated at barely 100,000 cubic metres per day. The interesting thing is the plethora of plans in form of projects for water supply in the country pending real implementation.

The lackadaisical manner with which such projects are being implemented, has pushed the population to lose confidence in the authorities that be. Several meetings have been organised and projects conceived in a bid to boost potable water supply in our major towns and their environs, but taps when they do exist continue to run dry.

Pending the effective execution of the various water supply projects earmarked for the country, it is important to note that all what is being done now is occurring behind time. The population is grown and continues to grow.

In Yaounde for instance, projections indicate that by 2020, demand for potable water would have hit 254,000 cubic metres. At the moment, Yaounde with its over two million people is experiencing daily demand -supply gap of about 200,000 cubic metres and an estimated daily demand of 311,000 cubic metres.

Residents will surely not tell a good story about water to their visitors. Many homes especially those in new neighbourhoods scavenge for water from several doubtful sources. The wealthier ones construct family water systems while the rest manage to dig wells.

All attempts at getting CAMWATER/Camerounaise des eaux water connected to their houses end up on the rocks as a result of long complicated and costly procedure. Those who succeed in getting connections find their taps almost permanently dry.

It is good to have a multiplicity of projects as it is happening now, but it is better to get them effectively on board. What makes for a project is its implementation. In any case, there seems to be continuous glimmer of hope to catch up with the lateness.

The major project on which Yaounde inhabitants are leaning on is the one to capture and treat water from River Sanagain order to boost supply in the city of Yaounde and its environs. The multibillion project which will bring in 315,000 cubic metres of water is already on course with the installation of the administrative and technical headquarters near Nkometou .

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