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Dangerous School Companion

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LUKONG Pius NYUYLIME | 18-01-2018 09:41

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Drug abuse reaches alarming rate in schools registering devastating consequences on their health and performances among others.

Drug abuse and alcohol intake is fast becoming a common phenomenon in most educational establishments in Cameroon. The Sociologists have an uphill task explaining the surge but many believe it's a stage in the growth of young people.

With the social media and speed at which information flows today and the various abuses going on, the situation has not been made easy. Those involved in the act claim maturity and want to exhibit it by consuming alcohol and drug.

It is difficult to say why they choose drug and alcohol to express the fact that they are old enough and void of family control. This, in effect, is a wrong assertion, for; many who happen to be into the ailment are still teenagers.

Whatever the case, the escalation of the practice among school children has not left any one indifferent. Several measures are being put in place to minimise or completely annihilate the phenomenon. One of such was the campaign organised by the Parliamentary Network “Espérance Jeunesse” on November 15, 2017 during which law makers tried to identify the causes and consequences as well as the strategy to adopt in order to put an end to it.

As the phenomenon continues to grow almost exponentially, accusing fingers continue to point at all directions. What is however important is that no parent, school teacher or administrator worthy of the name will like to see his child embrace such acts. That notwithstanding, there exist several societal factors that indirectly clear the ground for drug and alcoholic addiction.

A recent field survey conducted by the Parliamentary Network in the seven sub divisions of Yaounde reveals that 721 alcohol and drug supply sale points are located less than 200 metres from 72 schools.

 While the fight against drug and alcoholic abuse continues, it is important to constantly remind or let the youths understand the consequences that help compromise not only their education but their health. Drugs are natural or synthetic substances that when consumed, destabilize the functioning of body organs, especially the brain or central nervous system.

That teenage drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions on some college campuses and high school facilities is no longer of any debate but alcohol – one of the most misused drugs today – is also one of the most popular and readily available of all types of drugs and controlled substances found on high school campuses.

Waking in a stupor after the previous night's party, missing classes, falling behind and ultimately losing whatever funding may have accompanied one's higher education is but a single representation of how drugs and/or alcohol can detrimentally impact one's academic life.

In addition to this, health researchers have identified 12 main health risks for chronic drinking alone, some of which are: anaemia, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cirrhosis, depression and high blood pressure.

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