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“Civil Engineering Equipment on Site”

Choves LOH | 18-01-2018 10:58

The Regional Delegate of Public works for the North West, Forsuh Wilfred Jing talks about preliminary activities ahead of proper reconstruction works.

What is new since the Minister of Public works launched the reconstruction of the Babadjou- Bamenda road in May 2017?

The construction company has set up its administrative and technical base at mile 10, on the way from Santa towards Bamenda. The base will serve their equipment and offices for personnel. In effect; the base already handles some civil engineering equipment for use in the construction works like caterpillars, graders, trucks etc.

What next after the planting of the Base?

You should know that Construction works are on course with preliminary works that started after the official launching exercise. The stretch from welcome to Bamenda towards GBHS Bamendankwe has been opened. The level of service on the Santa- Bamenda stretch and, especially on the streets of Bamenda linked to the project have received improvement with some 0/31.5 gravel. It is all about the filing of pot holes to maintain circulation of traffic ahead of construction and rehabilitation works proper.

But the population is eager to know when exactly bulldozers will start work on the road?

The population should have faith that the works will be executed. A few years back it was also difficult to believe that the Bamenda- Mamfe road will ever be constructed. Today it is a reality at the service of the population. Trust the government because the Babadjou- Bamenda road will be reality.

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