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Livestock Breeding: Artificial Pond To Curb Water Shortage

AMINDEH Blaise ATABONG | 22-01-2018 11:45

The EU-funded project will avail water all seasons to some 15,000 cattle while another component of the project (solar-powered borehole) will serve the municipality of Ndoukoula.

Gawel, a rural community in Ndoukoula Sub-Division, Mayo Danay Division of the Far North Region, will soon have an artificial pond thanks to a project financed by the European Union.

The project which kicked off in May 2017, entails the construction of a large artificial pond as well as a solar-powered borehole. The project which will cost some FCFA 125 million, is being put in place through the HIMO (labour intensive investment) approach.

When the Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Cameroon, Hans-Peter Schadek visited the construction site in Gawel, Thursday January 18, 2018, he said the project was very interesting. The Ambassador expressed optimism that the project will generate the intended impact; boosting the socio-economic life of the community.

During the field visit, it was observed that the installation of solar panels and borehole pump had already been completed, while work was ongoing at the site of the artificial pond. A large hole, no fewer than 20m2, had already been dug.

Abdoullaye Siddi, Mayor of Ndoukoula said the project has come to “solve many problems in this municipality, especially amongst youths.” He was happy that people in the community will have access to drinking water all year round.

Some 15,000 cattle are said to be reared in the municipality of Ndoukola. The herds will henceforth be able to drink water from specially fabricated dishes at the project site. Meanwhile, in the dry season when most water sources dry up, they will quench their thirst from the artificial pond. The pond has the capacity of retaining about 200,000 m3 of water.

Besides the provision of water, the project will see some 200 youths being empowered with capital to start or boost their businesses. On a weekly basis, they are being paid part of their wage, while the rest, to be collected at the end of the project, is saved for them at Credit du Sahel micro finance establishment. FCFA 35 million has been set aside for the youth’s payment.

Apart from Ndoukoula, Yagoua, Dargala, Dziguilao, Roua will also have the same project.


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