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Urban Waste Disposal Under Scrutiny

Fred VUBEM TOH | 29-01-2018 11:17

 The Minister of Housing and Urban Development paid an inspection visit to Douala to assess the effectiveness of refuse collection in the city.

After Yaounde the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Jean Claude Mbwentchou, was in Douala on December 25 and 26 to assess the effectiveness of refuse collection in the economic capital by the urban refuse disposal company, HYSACAM.

The Minister made a tour of the city both during the day and night, trekking at times long distances to inspect the quality of work done and chatted with the refuse collectors on duty to find out the nature of their work and how they were being treated by the company.

He made stops on the main markets like Ngwella Rail, New Deido, Missoke and Nkololoun and also visited the Bonaberi transfer centre where refuse from the area will be kept before being transferred to the refuse dump at PK10.

According to the Douala agency Director for Hysacam, Ymele Jean Pierre, this is to enable them gain time instead of making a 30km journey across the city with traffic jam to the refuse dump at PK 10.

The Director General of the company, Ngapanou Michel, disclosed with the payment of six billion out of the thirteen owed them by the State, Hysacam has been able to repair broken down equipment and ordered 211 new trucks which will be arriving in the country by April.

This, he said, will enable the company gain 40 per cent in terms of collection and 50 per cent in terms of time. The Minister also visited the PK10 refuse dump where the Regional Director explained how the refuse is treated before being buried under ground. He disclosed that 5,000 tons of refuse has been buried at the site which will soon be closed down as it is full already.

After the tour of the city the Minister had a working session with the Government Delegate to the Douala City Council, who had accompanied him all along the visit. Fritz Ntone Ntone said it is within the agenda 21 strategy of the city council to make Douala a clean city by 2025 by creating a unique site for the treatment of urban waste including industrial waste, liquid waste, electric and electronic waste. He said a 70 hectares piece of land has already been acquired for this purpose.

The city council is also planning to organise refuse collection such that there will be little transfer points in quarters where Hysacam cannot have access to, from where it will be further transferred to bigger transfer centres for onward transmission to the refuse dump. The council is also contemplating processing waste to gas or electricity as well as set up a waste water treatment centre.

The council is in the process of cleaning up blocked drainages and constructing new ones and has acquired a 5000m2 piece of land to serve as a modern cemetery.

The Minister recommended the extension of the Bonaberi transfer centre from 5000m2 to one hectare, increase the number of transfer centres and avoid the abandoning of vehicles along the streets. He also recommended the speedy construction of the access road the Japoma stadium to host the 2019 AFCON.

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