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Transport: Modernisation Of Routes Envisaged

MBOM Sixtus | 29-01-2018 06:40

 The Minister of Transport says several projects must be completed this year.

Transport routes in several towns across the country are going to witness a facelift this year if all projects the Ministry of Transport earmarked for execution are completed.

The Minister of Transport, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o rolled out the list of projects during this year’s edition of the annual meeting of personnel of central and external services of the ministry which took place in Yaounde on January 25.

He enjoined his staff to endeavour to facilitate the execution of the projects some of which were started last year; noting that they are part of the backbone on which the country’s hosting of the AFCON 2019 stands.

The projects include rehabilitation of international airports; construction of modern public transportation facilities in cities that are going to host the AFCON, modernisation of rail routes, multiplication of Camair-Co flight routes, labelling of transport buses for supporters of countries that would participate in the AFCON, etc.

The theme chosen for this year’s conference, “modernisation of transport systems within the framework of the organisation of the AFCON 2019” is an apparent move to have the attention of staff of the ministry focused on the aforementioned projects.

Meanwhile, in a New Year wishes ceremony in Yaounde on January 26, Minister Mebe Ngo’o lauded the achievements of the Ministry of Transport which he said were achieved at a time the country is facing an economic downturn.

Among the achievements which the Secretary General of the Ministry, Jean Pierre Soh, presented at the ceremony, the Minister highlighted the advancement in the operationalisation of the Kribi deep seaport, noting that the port will be effectively and intensively operational by March.

Minister Mebe Ngo’o was also proud of the performance of Camair-Co, and optimistic about its future. He said the corporation grew its number of destinations through a programme dubbed "Cameroon first".

It can now boast of 100 flights per week; flying to Yaoundé, Douala, Bamenda, Maroua, Garoua, Bafoussam and Ngaoundere with regularity and punctuality rates of 99% and 80% respectively.

 The national carrier also flies to Senegal, Chad, Gabon and Benin. The Minister says plans are afoot to get the airliner into intercontinental networks.

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