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Pre-electoral Fever: Internal Quarrels

Emmanuel KENDEMEH | 29-01-2018 10:21

 The most hit political parties concerned include the National Union for Democracy and Progress, Cameroon People’s Party and Union for Fraternity and Prosperity.

Since President Paul Biya on December 31, 2017 declared that 2018 will be an electoral year, there has been hustling and busting within political parties with each mapping out strategies not only to participate but more importantly to win the elections.

The pre-electoral manoeuvres are however, leaving negative effects on some political parties where divergences of actions and opinions have been tearing them apart. As the elections draw closer, there is a perceptible upsurge in the creation of new coalitions and dissolution of previous ones for a better positioning intended to reap power dividends.

Dr Olivier Bilé’s Union for Fraternity and Prosperity (UFP) apparently is one of the main parties affected by the pre-electoral fever in the Yabassi municipality, the lone council the party won  in the 2013 council election. He is at logger-heads with  Jacques Maboula, the mayor of the UFP-controlled Yabassi Council  who has decided to support the  Platform for the New Republic created  to support the presidential aspirant, Barrister Akere Muna. Indeed, Mr Maboula is the chairperson of the platform.

The Cameroon People’s  Party (CPP) of Edith Kabang Wallah is also bubbling with information and counter information of her suspension.  A release signed by the  Honorary National Chairman of the CPP, Rev Pr Tita Samuel Fon talk of the resolutions of  a restructuring meeting of the party ahead of the 2018 presidential in which the National Council headed by Kah Wallah has been suspended. 

In a counter release, the CPP Secretary General, Franck Essi, said on  January 25, 2018 that “no CPP body to date is suspended.”

Cameroon’s second main opposition party, National   Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) is also in divorce with its ally, Party of Liberal Alliance (PAL). The two parties reportedly entered an alliance during the NUDP Congress that held in Ngaoundere on January 5, 1997.The President of PAL,  Celestin Bedzigui recently wrote to the President of NUDP, Maigari Bello Bouba indicating the end of the alliance.

The cases mentioned above are just a tip  of the iceberg of what will continue to happen within political parties and to political coalitions as the elections fever heightens. In the focus that follows, we will present  in detail each of the cases of internal quarrels and breakage of coalitions. The situation is also analysed by a political scientist.

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