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State Audit: More Control Missions Envisaged

Eulalia AMABO | 29-01-2018 10:30

The strategy is geared at ensuring accountability of public wealth.

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha Rose, has stated that 2018 will be marked by several control missions on the field as a mechanism for scrutiny and the protection of State wealth. She made the revelation on January 26, 2018 while receiving New Year Wishes from members of the centralized and decentrailsed services of her establishment.

“The roadmap for 2018 will be characterised with more efforts. We will have so many control missions, programme of prevention as well as the support programme which is based on good governance. As far as missions are concerned, we had 21 missions in 2017 on the field. This year, we intend to intensify and diversify our missions. We have the budget and finance disciplinary board which sits to hear matters of mismanagement and sanctions to managers and vote holders. We are going to have many more sessions and with the increase in the allocated budget, we will work hard,” she revealed.

As regards outlined strategies for overcoming challenges within the course of the year, Minister Mbah said more capacity building workshops will be organised to empower the follow-up committee which sees to the implementation of the sanctions levied on those found wanting in the management of State wealth. Going by her, the Supreme State Audit faced basically the challenges of finance and personnel. “We have over 300 institutions to audit and a single audit mission is worth millions.

In addition, we have the councils and other institutions which benefit from State subventions which also need to render accounts. We are in shortage of personnel. We have temporary staff whom we have trained and have notified hierarchy for incorporation,” she added.

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