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Humanitarian Needs: Response Plan Targets 1.3 Million People

Emmanuel KENDEMEH | 29-01-2018 10:33

 Cameroon’s 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan was launched in Yaounde on January 25, 2018.

Cameroon and its partners will in 2018 work to alleviate the situation of 1.3 million affected people in  priority regions of Adamawa, North, Far North and East  Region with an estimated budget of 305 million US Dollars ( about FCFA 197 billion). The humanitarian plan targets sectors such as shelter, water, hygiene and sanitation, education, nutrition protection (children and gender based violence), health and food security.

The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, René Emmanuel Sadi chaired the launching ceremony at the Yaounde Mont Fébé Hotel on Thursday, January 25, 2018. While presenting the humanitarian situation of the country and the plan to salvage the situation, Cameroon’s Bureau  Chief of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Modibo Traore said 3.3 million people are in need in the priority regions though only 1.3 million of them are targeted in the 2018 response plan. She said the plan would be executed through 183 projects.

The affected people include 327,000 refugees of which 237,000 are from the Central African Republic and 91,000 from Nigeria. There are also 236,000 internally displaced persons and 59,000 people who have voluntarily returned.

In his launching speech, Minister René Sadi said besides the crisis in the northern regions and the East, the socio-political tensions in the North West and South West Regions have come to complicate the humanitarian situation in the country.

He said people have been forced to flee to neighbouring Nigeria and others are internally displaced. Corroborating  the Minister, the Coordinator of the Humanitarian Affairs in Cameroon, Allegra Baiocchi  said from their investigation, over 10,000 people have sought refuge in Nigeria and over 30,000 children affected, stating that they were still working on the situation with government.

She however, said the response plan did not concern the new crisis. Considering the humanitarian situation, Minister Sadi called for more commitment of the international community.

Allegra Baiocchi on her part, announced that the UN was making available the first financing of the plan amounting to 10 million US Dollars. She called on government to address the issue of administrative bottlenecks, ensure the sustainable maintenance of facilities put in place and more support to enable the plan to be executed.

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