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NUDP: Party Strategises On Women, Youths

Eulalia AMABO | 30-01-2018 00:59

A national strategy to visit all 58 divisions of the nation and encourage the youthful population and women to get themselves enlisted on the electoral list is ongoing.

The National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) under the banner of its national calendar of getting supporters and militants register on the electoral list has adopted strategies of getting more youths enlisted before the Electoral College is summoned for elections.

As a result, the youth and women wings of the party are visiting and organizing meetings across the country with the target of getting to all 58 divisions of the country before the convening of the polls.

The underlying message is encouraging women and youth not only to be voters but to also actively participate in the political affairs of the country. In addition, the reorganisation of different sections and the divisional federations of the party is ongoing at the divisional levels. Going by party officials, at the moment, a total of 50 divisions have already been completed.

The Deputy National Communication Secretary of the UNDP, Kuma Peter Kombain, stated that they are embarking on reorganisation of sub-sections and branches and intend to complete the exercise before the President of the Republic convenes the polls.

Upon completion of the tour of the different divisions, the steering committees of both wings will meet in Yaounde from February 1 to 3, 2018 to analyse results and conclude with the exchange of New Year Wishes between the  National President and militants.

In a related note, the National President, Bello Bouba Maigari, had in December 2017 issued a circular in which he encouraged supporters and militants of the party to effectively get themselves registered and for those already registered to either pick up their cards, or ensure that all relevant modifications pertaining to their information is updated.

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