Serious Grassroots Grooming

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LUKONG Pius NYUYLIME | 31-01-2018 09:16


That Cameroon, the onetime football nation known to have produced stars of international magnitude is witnessing a tsunami in the discipline is no longer a thing to doubt. The series of defeats registered in recent competitions tells of the mediocre performance of the country's flag bearers.

The senior Lions will be absent from the next World Cup jamboree after disgracing the country in the last tournament in Brazil. The Intermediate Lions have just been humiliated in Morocco.

At the club level, two Cameroonian flag bearers, Cotton Sport and APEJES of Mfou could not be part of the African league competition organised by the Confederation of African Football [CAF] following the country's drop on the classification table.

The combination of all these have left no one indifferent. Cameroon was known to be a winning nation and its citizens had incidentally developed the culture of victory. How difficult it is to suddenly come out of it or readjust and absorb the shocks of defeat?

The country's number one footballer could not swallow such a drastic drop in the sport which has contributed so much in the unity of the country and so, decided to create a football academy; Cameroon National Football Academy in a bid to revamp football and bring back lost glories.

In effect, ANAFOOT's main missions are: initiation and supervision of young people to the practice of high-level football, initial and ongoing training of trainers in theoretical and practical teaching as well as the development of local expertise in related professions. ANAFOOT is equally charged with the collection, preservation and dissemination of documentation as well as basic and applied research.

The administration of the academy has been appointed and the staff set up. The announcement of the programme to select the first list of young potential football talents is the beginning of serious business. But this is just the beginning. Selecting trainees is one thing and following them up scrupulously is another.

The whole idea of football academy is known to have been developed by big football clubs so that they could identify and nurture talented players from kids as young as eight.

Their real challenge is how to detect the talents and secondly, how to develop them. At club level, it is well known the clubs are into serious business and so would put all that it takes to produce good players that can bring in more cash.

This is certainly the entrepreneurship that Enow Ngachu and his team must develop if they must succeed. All external influences from whoever must be ignored. Selection must not be done on a man-know-man bases. The financial and infrastructural means must be put in place and the technical training staff judiciously chosen. It will be an outright failure should the first batch of trainees graduate and get lost in the crowd of footballers.

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