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CISAC-Activa Agreement: Special Insurance Secured For Farmers

AMINDEH Blaise ATABONG | 31-01-2018 15:03

The accord will cover the beneficiaries in three areas for a renewable period of three years.

Conseil Interprofessionnel des Societes d’Assainissement au Cameroun (CISAC); loosely translated as the Cameroon Interprofessional Council of Sanitation Structures has reached a private-private partnership with Activa insurance company for the benefit of members of CISAC affiliated structures.

The agreement for the social welfare of personnel of the purification sector, agricultural production and related activities, was signed in Yaounde, Wednesday January 24, 2018. While Njib Bahoya, President of CISAC signed for the Council, Suzanne Billigha, Deputy Director General of Activa, penned for the insurance company.

Going by the accord, the insurance company will offer to the beneficiary farmers, collective, retirement and complimentary policies for a period of three years. Njib Bahoya said there will be possibilities of renewing the agreement as time goes on. He said some 10 cooperatives are already affiliated to CISAC, and some 300 farmers will be amongst the first beneficiaries of the insurance scheme.

According to Suzanne Billigha, Deputy Director General of Activa, they are happy and will be committed to providing the farmers with assurance, protection, security and guarantee. Suzanne Billigha said the insurance will cover the insured in line of duty and upon their retirement.

“I hope the insurance policy we will be offering will serve the purpose for which it is intended,” Deputy Director General of Activa said. It should be noted the recent agreement is to help farmers ascend to CAMER-G.A.P (Cameroon Good Agricultural Practices) certification. It will involve farmers in cocoa, coffee, banana, cotton, cassava, plantain, and other sectors.

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