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Commonwealth of Nations: CPA Scribe Visits South West

Nkeze MBONWOH | 01-02-2018 10:21

The Governor’s Office and the Government Bilingual High School Limbe played host to the august guest.

Following the eventful homecoming, last 21 January in Bonjongo, of the Cameroon-born Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Chairperson, Honourable Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, who is indigenous of Bonjongo-Buea, last Friday was the turn of CPA’s chief scribe, Akbar Khan, to visit Buea (South West Regional Capital) and Limbe (Fako Divisional headquarters).

While in South West, Friday, Akbar Khan made a courtesy call at the Governor’s Office where the Secretary-General, Mr Lawrence Forwang, received him amid local authorities.

After a five-minute tete-a-tete, Mr Khan left for Limbe where he and Honourable Monjowa Lifaka were guests of hounour at a roadshow party in the campus of the Government Bilingual High School Limbe. The roadshow was an event where the personalities of the Commonwealth explained the core values and opportunities of the Commonwealth to the students. 

Akbar Khan told the press in Buea he was delighted with the warm welcome given him and company by the South West Secretary General in place of the Regional Governor.

“We are here because we want to deliver a very important activity on behalf of the CPA which is called the CPA roadshow. It is about engaging young people so we are speaking to about 200 youth in Government Bilingual High School in Limbe. We are talking to them about the values of the commonwealth which are human rights, rule of law, democracy, and gender equality.

All these are values which matter to all of us in our world and should matter to young people here and today as they grow up to be responsible citizens. We are talking to them about these values but also the importance of democracy and the role of Parliament.

The Honourable Emilia Lifaka who is Chairperson of CPA International, Senator Tabe Tando and I are speaking to these young people about the role of the Commonwealth, about their role as leaders in Cameroon today and tomorrow and the importance of belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations.

I come from Yaounde and I am privileged to come to this Region to see a different landscape, a different culture and also to engage with local officials. Since Cameroon joined the Commonwealth in 1995 Cameroon has been a very faithful and conscientious member of the Commonwealth and has engaged actively in the Commonwealth.

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