OBC/GCE Board: New Officials Take Over Exam Bodies

Brenda YUFEH NCHEWNANG-NGASSA | 02-02-2018 11:31

A Prime Ministerial order appointed Dang Akuh Dominic as new registrar of the GCE Board while Etienne Roger Minkoulou, is henceforth the new director of the  l’Office du Baccalauréat du Cameroun (OBC).

Management has changed hands within major structures that handle examinations organised at the secretary education level. A Prime Ministerial order of January 31, 2018 has appointed Dang Akuh Dominic as the new registrar of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board (CGCEB) and Etienne Roger Minkoulou as Director of the l’Office du Baccalauréat du Cameroun (OBC).

Etienne Roger Minkoulou who was formerly Director of Competitive Examinations and Certification at the Ministry of Secondary Education replaces Zacharie Mbatsogo, who has headed the structure to organise French examinations for over 20 years.

Dang Akuh Dominic who hails from Befang, Menchum Valley sub-division of the Menchum Division in the North West Region replaces Humphrey Ekema Monono, who has been heading the organisation since 2006. Born in Muyuka in the South West Region in 1959,

Dang Dominic did his primary and secondary education in the South West before pursuing a bilingual degree at the University of Yaounde I. Since 1982, Dang Dominic has been working at the Ministry of Secondary Education where he has occupied several positions such as Chief of Service for Examinations and Evaluations and National Inspector of Pedagogy in charge of English.

Before his appointment as Registrar of the GCE Board, he was Inspector Coordinator-General in charge of Bilingualism in the Ministry of Secondary Education since 2013. Dang Dominic says he was also privileged to study in the University of London and was Chief of Service for Examinations when the GCE Board was created and relocated from London to Cameroon.

The New Registrar of the GCE Board says he is happy to have been part of the pioneer candidates of the Cameroon GCE in 1977 and 41 years after, he is at the helm of the exams body after being a marker, organiser and examiner of GCE Examinations. 

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