Death of Three Family Members: Analyses Reveal Meningococcus Germ As Cause

André MAMA FOUDA | 02-02-2018 11:35

 Below is a comminque from the Minister of Public Health.

Following the notification of three deaths that occurred between 8 and 22 January 2018 within the same family in Yaounde, thorough analyses by the Centre Pasteur of Cameroon confirm that the death was due to meningococcus, a highly contagious germ responsible for epidemic meningitis particularly during the dry season.

It is not therefore a viral haemorrhagic fever or drug intoxication related to an antimalarial.
Mr. Andre Mama Fouda urges the population to be more vigilant and to take anyone to the nearest health facility with a high fever, violent headaches, rash with or without bleeding, for rapid and effective management.

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