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Douala Military Court: New Officials Exhorted to Combat Maritime Piracy

Christopher JATOR | 02-02-2018 11:47

Col. Pauline Ambani Olama and Lieut-Col. Jackson Cedric Tchinda Yemeyo officially took up duty January 25, 2018.

The Director of Military Justice, Col. Legrand Mvondo Akoutoux, has called on newly commissioned officials of the Douala Military Court to ensure discipline within the corps, try all cases without hatred and in love. Mvondo Akoutou, who was speaking during a solemn ceremony to commission two military officials, emphasised unceasing determination in the fight against maritime piracy and growing importation of military effects by people not assigned, as well as the fight against terrorism in the Far North, South West and North West Regions, which is said to be affecting the Littoral Region.

Those commissioned were Col. Pauline Ambani Olama and Lieut-Col. Jackson Cedric Tchinda Yemeyo, who were appointed by a Presidential decree in June 2017. The commissioning of Col. Pauline Ambani Olama as President of the Douala Military Court and Jackson Cedric

Tchinda Yemeyo as Government Commissioner to the structure took place under the watchful eyes of local administrative, religious, military and traditional authorities in Bonanjo. Pauline Ambani Olama replaces Pierre Désiré Mviena, who is now Legal Adviser for the United Nations mission in RD Congo.

After primary and secondary school studies where she obtained a Baccalaureat A4 in 1984, she attended the Yaounde University where she also obtained a First Degree in Law in 1986. The lady who hails from the Subdivision of Mbankomo completed studies at ENAM in 1991.

Shortly after the installation, Lieut-Col. Jackson Cedric Tchinda Yemeyo underscored his determination to wipe out illegal detention of military effects. He was born on August 1976 in Okola. He attended primary and secondary school studies at the National Gendarmerie Camp Yeyap in Yaounde, later Lycée Général Leclerc, where he obtained Probatoire. He obtained a First Degree in the Francophone Private Law at the University of Yaounde II Soa in 1993. In 1997, Tchinda Yemeyo gained admission into the military school Saint-Cyr in France, etc.

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