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Electoral Registers : Reach Out Strategy Adopted

Eulalia AMABO | 02-02-2018 12:17

 The initiative of the civil society organisation, More Women in Politics, aims at registering an additional 30 per cent of voters on the electoral lists.

Electoral effervescence that characterises the year has not left political actors and civil society organisations indifferent as the days for possible elections draw closer. Strategies have been intensified, plan of action clearly elaborated and possible results envisaged.

It is therefore against this backdrop of getting every citizen of voting age especially women and youths who are generally lukewarm towards political affairs to actively participate in the registration and voting process, that More Women in Politics has in collaboration with Elections Cameroon, adopted a reach out strategy of enrollment. The approach which targets festive days and avenues of get-together for national reasons seeks to add existing registration statistics by 30 per cent.

Speaking after a strategy meeting with the Directorate General of Elections to intensify actions, the General Coordinator of More Women in Politics, Prof Justine Diffo said the reach out strategy is most appropriate. “We think and share the fact that during the Youth Day match past of February 11 and the International Women’s Day of March 8, we will be able to massively mobilize many more potential voters to enroll at the different event grounds.

That is called reach out sensitisation, which entails meeting the targeted population at the  place of activity and we are convinced that with such a strategy, we will get more citizens to get enrolled on the electoral lists. There will be a caravan stationed to sensitize women and youths when they arrive for activities,” she detailed.

ELECAM officials on their part have multiplied communication and registration strategies of getting maximum voters before the polls are convened.

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