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Grant Assistance: Japan Equips Hospital

AMINDEH Blaise ATABONG | 05-02-2018 14:55

The maternity of the Ngovayang Catholic Hospital in the South Region will be furnished thanks to the grassroots human security project of the Embassy of Japan in Cameroon.

Japan has offered a grant of some FCFA 31 million to the Foundation for Environment and Development in Cameroon (FEDEC), to enable the non-governmental organisation build and equip a maternity at the Ngovayang Catholic Hospital in the South Region.

The signing of a grant contract to that effect took place in Yaounde, Friday February 2, 2018. While the Charge d’Affaires at the Japanese Embassy in Cameroon, Ryuichiro Kobayashi signed for his country, the Board Chair of FEDEC, Alfred Bageka Assobo penned for the Cameroonian NGO.

According to Ryuichiro Kobayashi, the non-reimbursable financial aid is a gift from the people of Japan. The Charge d’Affaires at the Japanese Embassy in Cameroon said despite the difficult financial times which their country is facing, they could still move to dole out the grant as a sign of friendship with Cameroon. He called on all parties involved in the execution of the project to each take its responsibility.

For his part, the Board Chair of FEDEC, Alfred Bageka Assobo lauded the continuous positive intervention of the government of Japan in the health, education, professional training and other sectors in the country. He gave assurances that the project will be put in place within the specified time frame.

The Director of the Ngovayang Catholic Hospital, Rev. Mirabeau Diatang said with the coming of the maternity, the hospital will have a satisfactory technical platform. The maternity building will cover a surface area of 130 m2. It shall consist amongst others of a reception hall, consultation room, labour room, hospitalization rooms and modern toilets. It will be equipped with an echography machine, an incubator, beds and matrasses, stretchers, amongst others.

Once established, the maternity of the Ngovayang Catholic Hospital will serve some 8,000 people; amongst them 1,500 Bagyeli pygmies, in the Lolodorf Health District of the Ocean Division. The structure is expected to reduce maternal and infant mortalities by at least 50 per cent as from 2019.

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