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Special Criminal Court: Successes Ndjere Has To Build On

Emmanuel KENDEMEH | 05-02-2018 05:51

 Njere Emmanuel on February 2, 2018 officially took office as the new President of the Special Criminal Court in Yaounde.

Appointed by the decree of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya on June 7, 2017, Ndjere Emmanuel on February 2, 2018, officially entered into office as the new President of the Special Criminal Court that was set up on October 15, 2012.

He takes over from Yap Abdou who is now serving in a new capacity as the First Advocate General of the Supreme Court. Yap Abdou’s successes in the five years into office were lauded by all during the official entering into office ceremony at the ceremonial hall of the Yaounde Court of Appeal.

The Attorney General of the Special Criminal Court, Ngounou Justine Aimée in her submissions said all the structures of the court are in place and first decisions rendered, thereby kick starting the activities of the court. Ngounou Justine Aimee disclosed that in five years, the Special Criminal Court whose vocation is to judge cases of embezzlement of public funds with amounts starting from FCFA 50 million, received from the Prosecutor General 312 case files for the opening of preliminary investigations.

256 of the case files were returned to the Prosecutor General and 183 of the case files sent to the jurisdiction’s headquarters. She further disclosed that within the five years, 136 case files were enlisted during different hearings.

  Concerning the financial aspect of the successes of the court for the past five years, the Attorney General said more than FCFA 4.98 billion was reimbursed,  fines and fees amounted to FCFA 7 204 454 063  and damages and interests paid to the State stood at FCFA 97 327 123 221. It was an occasion for Ngounou

Justine Aimee to present the court to the in-coming President, a presentation that served as the springboard from which Ndjere Emmanuel has to bounce to greater successes.

The Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Laurent Esso, in a special communication during the event, reminded Ndjere Emmanuel Super Scale Judicial Officer, Second Group of the daunting task awaiting him. He said Ndjere’s main mission will be to apply Section 184 of the Penal Code and must,” implement the law which is the expression of the will of the people for   a justice rendered in the name of the people of Cameroon.”

He said that for the new President of the Court to carry out his mission in an absolute independent way, he has a compass that is made up of three components that are: the Law to set up the Special Criminal Court, as amended; the Criminal Procedure Code; and the Penal Code.

Although Ndjere Emmanuel is coming from the Ministry of Communication where he as Secretary General dealing with giving out information to the press, Laurent Esso insisted that in the new function, he must respect the confidential nature of criminal proceedings.

In all, the Minister of State urged Ndjere Emmanuel, “You should serve the people of the Republic of Cameroon, honestly, and with loyalty, in accordance with the laws, regulations and customs of our country.”

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