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South West: Buea Teacher Wins Future African Leaders Award

Kunyui NGONMENYUI | 06-02-2018 05:21

Together with colleagues of the Mentor’s Foundation, Mukete Davidson Dioh taught 28 GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels subjects on television in 2016.

A Buea based teacher, Mukete Davidson Dioh has won the Future African Leaders Award (FALA) presented by the Love World Ministry. The prize was presented to him on December 31, 2017 in Lagos Nigeria where he emerged with 10 laureates from the over 500 candidates that submitted projects for the award.

Mukete Davidson Dioh, the lone Cameroonian in the category took home FCFA 5.5 million and a trophy.  To have won the award, Mukete Davidson submitted a project on how he taught Commerce and Finance on Chillen Media Television in Molyko-Buea on the programmed Education Today during a crisis period.

In 2016 at the heart of the Anglophone Crisis, many schools in the English Regions of Cameroon were deserted by students following threats from unknown persons. In order to assist students who were sitting the Cameroon General Certificate of Education and the government (CGCE) has a successful 2016 session, the Mentor’s Foundation came up with the television teaching programme.

In all, they taught 28 Ordinary Levels and Advanced Levels subjects in the Commercial and General Education series. The classes were on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5-6 pm and rebroadcasted on Saturdays.

Presenting the award to the Chief Executive Officer of the Mentor’s Foundation, Agbor Paul Agbor, in Buea on February 1, 2018, Mukete Davidson Dioh thanked the foundation to have giving him the opportunity to bring glory to Cameroon. Agbor Paul Agbor explained to journalists that during the television teachings, they had their telephone numbers on the TV scream.

“I taught Philosophy and Logic and during a teaching episode, I used to have about 400 question messages. I did my best to answer them and the result was proven during the 2016 CGEC examination results,” he explained.

Tembeng Florence, an Accounting student in the University of Buea agreed that the television teaching contributed to her success at the 2016 CGCE Session.

“When I heard that Mr. Mukete Davidson is presenting an award he won as as result of teaching which helped me, I thought it wise to come and thank him and the other teachers,” he joyfully said.

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