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Accidents In Schools: Any Compensation For Victims?

Brenda YUFEH NCHEWNANG-NGASSA | 07-02-2018 15:50

The phenomenon is becoming rampant with few citizens caring about how victims handle the situation thereafter.

There seems to be no day that a parent does not receive his/her child home from school with scars from an accident obtained in the school premises. Worst is the situation of students or pupils reported dead in school due to accidents. As school authorities, parents and friends lament over such tragic incidents, the same scenario keeps happening as nobody knows what happens to victims and their family thereafter.

Two weeks back at the Government High School in the Elig-Essono neighbourhood in Yaounde, a student, Belinga Guy Hervé, died after an accident during sporting activities. It was a sad weekend for the school administration and student body of the institution.

It is reported that during a football match, Belinga Guy Hervé received an involuntary blow from an opponent and immediately collapsed. He was transported out of the playground, during which he recovered gradually. Belinga’s condition at that moment did not show any sign of danger.

The football match continued as Belinga watched his mates play on. Suddenly, he began feeling pains and was rushed to a nearby clinic where it was revealed that his health condition was delicate. He was later transported to the Yaounde Emergency Centre where he was declared dead. Belinga Guy Hervé is just one amongst many students who have been victims of deadly accidents in school.

Another sad situation happened last year at the Government Primary School in the Ngoulemakong neighbourhood in Yaounde. A pupil fell in the school water trench and the body was discovered only at night after an intensive search. Reports indicate that during a break, pupils rushed out to play and drink water. In the process, one of the pupils fell in a well. Although her mates witnessed the scene, they did not clearly narrate the situation to their teachers.

After school, the parents and school authorities went on an intensive search of the child whose school bag was seen on her desk in the classroom. While hoping that the child will be seen later in the evening, the parents and school authorities went home.

At night, the school security agent went to pull water out of the well. In the course, he noticed that the bucket he was using encountered some obstacles within the well. While using a torch light, he saw the missing child within the well.

Another tragic situation happened last month in a primary school in Yaounde when a pupil fell on a desk and sustained serious wounds from an exposed nail. It was during class decoration to mark end-of-year festivities. As she happily pasted decorations on the wall, she slipped over and fell on the desk she was standing on. This and many more are some of the accidents pupils and students experience within school premises.

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