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North West: Government Funding To Boost Rice Production

Choves LOH | 08-02-2018 04:45

Ndop (Ngoketunjia) - From the loom k of things, it is evident that  2018 inspires hope  for rice production in the Ndop plain. The new General Management of the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA), agro industry inspires hope for farmers  who have stated preparedness to turn full circle  to produce more rice for domestic consumption.

The 14.132 famers on roll at UNVDA spent 2017 end  of year feasts without stress after receiving  pay for some 1400 tons of rice produced. It has been satisfaction at the agro industry with the increase in production, up from barely 480 tons of rice the previous year.

It is against this background that the 53rd Ordinary and Extra-ordinary  Board Sessions  of the UNVDA on December 21, 2017 adopted a budget of CFA 2.794.846.000 to enhance activities in  2018. In effect,  quality  and clarity  are  management’s  passwords in the commitment to ensure the production of more rice .

Cameroon Tribune got it from the new General  Manager, Eric Akongnui Andangfung that UNVDA priorities in 2018 features the opening of new rice fields, opening of more farm to market roads and above all, proximity actions  in the interest   of farmers.

The Director of Land Development and Construction, Francis Fonayi Waindim told CT that the business ability of the new General Manager, Eric Andangfung was  quick  to help the agro industry receive Cfa 889.689.436 from the  Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development,(MINEPAT)  for the rehabilitation of their equipment pool in 2017.

Francis Fonayi Waindim said 2018 will feature the development of the 7.000 more hectares of land, especially in the neighbourhood of the Babungo strategic farms.

In the short and long of it, the future of rice production with UNVDA facilitation is brighter after the acquisition of some Civil Engineering and Agricultural equipment like trucks, grader and an Excavator for the development of  farms.

In 2017, UNVDA developed some 1000 more hectares of land, opened 32 km of access roads, rehabilitated some 18 km of Dikes and featured 30km of secondary irrigation Canals in the Monoun neighbourhood.

Their December 21, 2017 Board Sessions in Ndop, presided over by Board Chairman, Tikela Kemonne Dodou adopted their draft action plan and budget for 2018, modified some budgetary lines and regularized transfers of funds received from MINEPAT to enhance activities and give visibility to rice production.

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