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Fight Against Drug Abuse In Schools : Government On The Offensive

Brenda YUFEH NCHEWNANG-NGASSA | 09-02-2018 06:12

 Public and private sectors have joined hands to curb this canker worm in schools. 

The struggle is real. The fight needs to be intensified throughout the national territory as the consumption of illicit drugs amongst school people is becoming more disturbing. It is common to see school children in Cameroon with cigarettes, Tramadol 100mg and other illicit drugs such as cannabis in their bags.

It is a situation that cannot be overlooked as this has led to many students becoming deviant in their behaviours.

The government and its partners are on the offensive. The fight against the use of illicit drugs has to be eradicated in school premises without leaving any stone unturned.

The scourge is serious as statistics from the Ministry of Public Health indicate that, 17.5 per cent of Cameroonians (3,500,000 persons) are active consumers of tobacco. 15 per cent of youths less than 13-15 years of age are aware of cigarette smoking at schools, 44 per cent of school children have experiment with tobacco consumption.

This calls for tremendous actions. As such, years back, the President of the Republic signed a decree creating and organising the functioning of anti-trafficking units in the various international airports of the country. The text at a time when the population was already deploring a surge in the circulation and even growth of some drugs, especially cannabis, commonly referred to as "banga”.

Besides the routine checks of school bags of students, in a bid to get rid of these illicit drugs, the government launched a nationwide awareness, education and information campaign. The pilot phase of the government therapy against drug and alcohol consumption in schools was launched at the Lycée Général Leclerc in Yaounde to prevent the social ills in schools and out of school. Slogans such as "Smoking Causes Rotten Teeth; Tobacco Kills its Consumers" are among some of the expressive messages that can be read in some school premises.

The proliferation of these scourges and their devastating effects on young people has forced the government to address the pernicious activity that is plaguing the society. The government is determined to wring the neck of these public dangers that hinder the future of its youth.

The pilot phase of the campaign will run for one year; through educational talks, conferences and media crusades on the dangers of illicit drugs. There is hope to help bring young Cameroonians back to the rails.

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