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Season Kicks off In Troubled Environment

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Elizabeth MOSIMA | 09-02-2018 05:55

The Context

As the countdown narrows, some clubs and league officials are still to be clarified on several issues.

The national championship is opening at a time when some clubs are taking part in international competitions. The late beginning of the championship is not in favour of Cameroonian clubs as it renders the players less competitive compared to their peers abroad. The factors plaguing the smooth take-off of the new season are many and varied. 


The 2018 sports season is beginning with a major problem of insufficient stadiums to host the different encounters. As a result, some teams that do not have stadiums have to travel to other regions to play their matches. In a meeting with the officials of the Professional Football League of Cameroon (PFLC) that took place in the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education on Tuesday February 7, 2018, Minister Bidong Mkpatt explained measures taken concerning the availability of stadiums for the 2018 football season. Teams in Yaounde will play at the Yaounde Military Stadium and the Yaounde Annex Stadium Number One. The teams cannot play more than two matches per week in a stadium. In Bafoussam the matches will be played at the Kouekong Stadium. In Garoua matches will be played in the Coton Sport Stadium. In the West Region there is the Bafang Stadium and the Dschang Stadium. In the Littoral Region matches will be played in the Loum Stadium and the Melong Stadium. Clubs that were playing at the Reunification Stadium have all their matches transferred to the South West Region. Four stadiums in the South West have been attributed to the PFLC with only one match to be played per week in each of the stadiums.


Since the end of last year’s season some five months ago, the national football league has postponed the official opening of the championship three times due to lack of finances. The official date for the kickoff is on February 10, 2018. Even though the date is fast approaching some fans are still skeptical as to whether the season will effectively take off. At the financial level the PFL depends on State subventions and the money was not yet available at press time.

Internal Squables

The struggle for leadership has rocked most of the clubs in the national football championship in the recent years. Eding FC of Lekié is for example without a coach due to some misunderstanding between the coach, Anicet Mbarga Foe and the President St. Fabin Mvogo since February 4, 2018. Consequently, the club has travelled to Nigeria for the preliminary stage of the CAF Confederation Cup against Plato United without a coach. That is a major setback given that the players will have to adapt to a new training while already in the competition.

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