Qualification of Candidates

Emmanuel KENDEMEH | 09-02-2018 05:37

Age:  Section 220 (1) states that, “Candidates for the office of Senator, as well as the personalities appointed to the said office must have reached the age of 40 (forty) by the date of election or appointment”

Nationality: Section 220 (2) says, “The candidate must be of Cameroonian nationality and must provide evidence of effective residence in the territory of the Region concerned.”

Incompatibilities: Section 162 (1)  of the Electoral Code specified that, “ The office of Member of Parliament (Senator) shall be incompatible with the office of Member of Government or of persons ranking as such, member of the Constitutional Council and of member of the Economic and Social Council.

Paragraph 2 of the same section adds that, “The office of Senator shall further be incompatible with the office of Member of the National Assembly, mayor, government delegate to a city council, president of a regional council, with any other non-elective public office and with the duties of president of a consular chamber, board chairperson or with the status of wage earner in a public establishment or public and semi-public enterprise.”

Educational Level: Section 156 of the Electoral Code states that, “Any Cameroonian citizen, of either sex, who enjoys the right to vote and is entered on electoral registers, is aged 40 years at the date of the election and can read and write English or French can be nominated as a candidate for election to the Senate.”

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