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Conserving Congo Basin’s Forests: Cameroon Employs Fresh Impetus

AMINDEH Blaise ATABONG | 14-02-2018 05:45

 A national forum which opened in Yaounde, Tuesday February 13, 2018, seeks to redynamise efforts to ensure the sustainable use of forest resources in Central Africa.

Conflict of leadership and interest as well as positioning, compounded by the low capacity to mobilise funds from partners have been rooted in the non-renewal, upon expiry in 2013, of the tenure of the leadership of the Conference of Central African Moist Forest Ecosystems (CEFDHAC).

These hiccups perturbed the multi-stakeholder process at the national level, thereby staggering efforts to promote conservation and the sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa.

However, the government, through the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, has jerked in with the organisation of the CEFDHAC Cameroon National Forum. The move is to reverse the tide that has been frustrating concerted action for sustainable forest management, Ngole Philip Ngwese, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife said.

According to the Minister, government is committed in its drive to save the country’s forest, reasons why they are stepping in with technical and financial support to give a fresh boost to CEFDHAC’s ecosystem conservation efforts.

Organisers of the national forum told Cameroon Tribune highlights of the two-day event will be the election of new leaders of CEFDHAC and the adoption of a roadmap for CEFDHAC Cameroon National Forum.

The close to 160 participants will also discuss national sustainable forest management issues and scrutinise elements that can likely constitute a base for the constant development of synergies between various stakeholders to ensure healthy competition amongst them.

Hon. Louis Roger Essola Etoa, outgoing President of CEFDHAC Cameroon National Forum, commended the participatory efforts deployed so far, especially by the private sector and indigenes.

It should be noted that the Congo Basin; the second largest tropical rainforest on earth, spans across six countries - Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

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