Africa Building Trade Fair Announced For April

Fred VUBEM TOH | 14-02-2018 05:47

 The information was made public by the President of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce recently.

The first-ever trade fair for professionals of the construction sector will take place from April 17 to 22, 2018 at the Tsinga exhibition ground in Yaounde. The Africa Building Trade Fair, AFRIBAT, jointly organised by the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce in partnership with their counterpart from Sfax-Tunisia under the supervision of the Permanent Conference of African and Francophone Consular Chambers, CPCCAF, will provide a forum for exchanges of experiences and establishment of partnership between Cameroonian companies involved in the construction companies and their counterparts from around the world especially Tunisia.

In prelude to the event, the President of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Eken Christophe said Cameroon was motivated to host the international trade fair owing to the fact that there are many innovations in the construction sector in terms of equipment and material used and more so most construction contracts were won by foreign companies in Cameroon.

According to the Director of Cooperation at the Chamber of Commerce, Landry Noutchang, who also happens to be the commissioner for the trade fair, the forum on the theme “together let’s build the Africa of tomorrow”, will bring together over 400 participants from 15 countries. It will comprise exhibitions, conferences and one-on-one meetings to enable local companies strike partnerships with the foreign ones.

A view that was corroborated by the Tunisian Consul in Douala, Nejib Soussia, the construction sector in Tunisia contribution about seven per cent of the gross domestic product involving some 3,000 companies and over 17,000 engineers and generates over 50,000 jobs.


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