North West: Health Fund Celebrates 30 Years Of Existence

Choves LOH | 15-02-2018 05:22

 Thirty years of sustainable quality health care, summed up in strategic goals by the North West Fund for Health Promotion,(NWRFHP), to ensure access to affordable medicines, medical consumables and  diagnostic materials celebrated in Bamenda.

Stakeholders of the North West  Fund for Health Promotion,(NWRFHP) spent January 26, 2018 counting blessings with  30 years of health care promotion to showcase. The event in Bamenda celebrated years during which the Fund supplied medicines, medical consumables and diagnostic materials to 217 community pharmacies, Obstetric Kits to 214 health Units, managed a Laboratory to compound  and distribute reagents and consumables to health Unit laboratories and constructed a head office worth Cfa 400 million.

The Fund also showcases  a fleet of eight medicine supply vehicles, Cfa 115 million worth of assistance for the organization of dialogue structure activities, Cfa 238 million for the provision of maternity beds, generators, fridges, motorcycles to enhance health care service delivery.

Equally prominent for celebration is their quality control Unit to test the quality of medicines and their fight against illegal sale of medicines.

It was a rare moment for the Administrator of the Fund, Dr Mbarika Richard Fondoh and the Chairman of the Management Committee Prof Tih Pius Mufih to sound off about the Fund which emerges as a welcome corporate dialogue structure of the State, an essential health care program based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology.

Dr Mbarika Richard Fondoh revealed that the strategic goals of the Fund features the strengthening off its organizational capacity to enhance the quality of health care provision.

It was created to ensure access to affordable and quality medicines, promote sustainable sanitation and proper hygienic conditions to fight preventable diseases and strengthen community participation to accelerate reduction of maternal and neo-natal morbidity and mortality. The success story has not been without speed brakes.

Management Committee Chairman, Prof Tih Pius revealed that bumpy roads in the North West stared the Fund on the face while  they covered thousands of kilometers to distribute drugs. He also regretted that the Fund lost several millions of Cfa francs to banks that were liquidated in the 90s.

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