Ensuring Food Security: Agric Ministry Takes Proactive Steps

AMINDEH Blaise ATABONG | 16-02-2018 08:29

Conscious of an ever-increasing population in the country, which will obviously require more food for sustenance in future, the government has engaged stakeholders in the agricultural sector to get production basins buoyant.

This concern was the focus of the annual conference of central and external services, as well as corporations under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER).

The conference which took place in Yaounde, Thursday February 15, 2018, held under the theme: “How do we ensure optimal development of agricultural production basins all over the national territory?”

According to Dr. Yankam Njonou Rabelais, Inspector General for Agricultural Development at MINADER, the effect of climate change and the reduction in size of arable land due to human habitation will greatly affect agricultural production. Meanwhile, the population of Cameroon which presently is over 22 million is expected to double by 2050.

By that same year, Cameroon’s agricultural products will be open to an estimated market of over 500 million people in next door Nigeria, while the CEMAC market will also be eyeing the country’s products

. These projections, the expert posited, pushed the government to jumped into swift action, considering that agricultural wastes are currently not maximize because agricultural production basins are not well organized

Henri Eyebe Ayissi, MINADER boss has said they will take concrete measures to redynamise production basins. Even before that, the Minister noted that they have been taking actions to achieve the target in the agricultural domain spelt out in the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper and the Sustainable Development Goals.


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