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2018 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope: Buea Catches Event Fever

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Nkeze MBONWOH | 16-02-2018 04:50

The Facts

As spectators and athletes vigil for tomorrow’s 23rd edition, the Regional capital of the South West Region and theatre of the event, has been gripped by anxiety.

Tourists, athletes and spectators are being signalled as bookings have increased in the 25 hotels in Buea city. The first mark of the event is the sparkling cleanliness of Buea city, an attractive aspect that has been masterminded by the Buea administration. Workers of HYSACAM, town cleaning company, have been mobilised to put in extra effort to make the place attractive.

As can be observed the main street of Buea from the gateway of Mile 17 to the Police Junction, road sides have been decongested, thrash vessels kept in place as well as occupants urged to keep their surroundings clean.

At the level of human resources, some 14 local organising committees are afoot under the South West Governor to ensure the success of the event from various aspects. Notably the tract of some 19 kilometres up the mountain is under scrutiny in terms of security and cleanliness. The water committee charged to supply the precious liquid to runners is being garnered.

As the clapper will go tomorrow 7am from the Municipal Stadium in Molyko, some 500 athletes from some five countries are expected to climb and descend the 19-kilometre track up the second tallest mountain in Africa called Mount Cameroon.

Five years ago a human-performance technology was adopted with results still awaited till date. That is to establish the effort required by the human person to do the race from start to finish.

However, the medics implicated in the race organisation have advised competitors to mind their health. They say even after the kick-off clap, if one is not feeling sound he or she may just walk aside and surrender the race.

The racers will find a splendid Municipal Stadium in Molyko where the start and finish are captured. The frontage as well as interior parts of the stadium have been well furnished for any sporting activity and for a better control of the crowd.

Although few spaces have been taken for food sellers, it is expected that all race goers will find whatever choice to eat and drink during the exercise in order to find enough admiration of the event.

The press and photographers are equipping themselves to capture the event and let the world live it as it shall be. Welcome to Buea for the event!

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