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Preventive Measures Continue

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Eulalia AMABO | 19-02-2018 13:35

The Context

Road safety and security teams on major highways have the ultimate goal of reducing accidents which impose gloomy memories on individuals.

Purposeful attempts to inform, persuade and motivate road users to respect highway signs and space by the government is geared at reducing the number of accidents recorded.

Within the context of saving lives on country roads, sensitisation campaigns encourage drivers to challenge the everyday excuses used to justify unsafe behavior given that over 70 per cent of fatal crashes within the transport system are caused by nationals. Drivers are cautioned to slow down their speed because it is difficult to anticipate what lies ahead.

Last Tuesday February 13, 2018, the Delegation of National Security reinforced its road safety campaign procedures through the check of car documents and state of the vehicle. Some vehicles found in old and depreciating conditions are held in custody or advised to renovate. Other security checks target clandestine drivers who most often than not do not respect codes, thereby risking the lives of passengers.

Besides infrastructural measures to limit road mishaps, authorities have resorted to the installation of radars on highways to record and punish speed defaulters, the strict issuing of driver’s license and constant updating on highway codes and signs.

Sensitisation crusades help drivers, bike riders and pedestrians understand how road signs enable everyone respect each other’s space and stay safe. Despite these measures, calamities on city roads abound with nasty consequences.

Information from the Ministry of Transport reveals that most accidents occur in the evening periods with the recklessness of drivers at the center of these misfortunes.

Drunk or tired drivers, less concentration, coupled with life’s frustration are other causes of accidents on major roads within the country.

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